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There are many important details when building a new home or business from deciding what style, exterior and interior finishes, and the list goes on. One that is not seen but very important is making sure the necessary steps are taken to prevent a termite invasion in your new home or business. Termites cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes and businesses each year and new builds aren’t exempt.


Ants always seem to find their way to any outdoor barbeque or picnic and quite often into our homes. Fortunately, most are just a nuisance and don’t cause any real harm to humans or structures with the exception to the carpenter ant and the fire ant. These nuisance ants can, however, get into air-conditioner units and short them out during the hot summer months, so if you have any air conditioner problems, you might want to check the outside unit to see if ants are the issue.

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Although your home may be spotless, unfortunately, you are still vulnerable to pest infestations. That’s not to say that homes don’t have a higher chance of infestations due to crumbs on the floor and cabinets and spilled drinks. Many times, pests aren’t invading a home looking for food, they are looking for shelter or water, which clean homes can supply.

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 There are a number of at-home pest contract products on the market, so why do you need to hire a professional pest control company. While your first instinct might be to reach for one of those do-it-yourself products, the problem is that they rarely work, especially on a long-term basis.

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Summer is here and that means vacations and traveling. After a little fun in the sun and needed downtime. Other than rest and relaxation and a few chosen souvenirs, the last thing you want to bring back is an unwelcome tourist to your home --- the dreaded bedbug.

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